Food is a necessity in everyone's life. Food gives us energy and nutrients, which help our growth and development. The body needs a combination of 5 nutrients - protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals - from our food to stay in perfect health. Protein is used for building, maintaining and fixing our muscles, blood, skin and bones. Protein is found in meat, eggs, fish, diary and pulses.Carbohydrates give us energy. They are found in starches and sugar.Fat is the secondary source of our energy. It provides more calories than any other nutrient, but they are harder to burn off. Fat is found in butter, lard, milk, cheese and certain types of meat.

If you are on a diet, which includes eating green leafy vegetables, fruits, and drinking juices, etc you will notice the change it does to your body and mind. You will feel fresh, fit and energetic, both mentally and physically.

Whenever you are going through something, whether its stress or happiness, notice one thing, when you have your favourite food, i.e your comfort food, example, an Italian pasta or Chinese noodles, you will always feel 1000 times better, and it will immediately lift up your mood, and make your body feel relaxed.

Food is important for our body to function properly. It will boost up your immune system and provide you with better concentration. A right proportion of everything can do wonders for you as it can make you strong from within. So eat well and stay fit!

Food is very essential for our brain to function, your diet affects more than just your belly fat. It definitely has a big impact on your brain health. Food such as Eggs, Oranges, Broccoli, Nuts, Fatty Fish, Avocados, Black rice, Beets, and Spinach are really good for boosting focus and memory. They are the best foods an individual can eat for a healthy frame of mind.

The brain is the most important organ in your body, it keeps your heart beating, lungs breathing and all the systems in your body functioning. That's why it's essential to keep your brain working in optimum condition with a healthy diet.

Some foods have negative effects on the brain, impacting your memory and mood and increasing your risk of Dementia and Alzheimers. Foods such as refined carbs (sugars and white flour), muffins, citrus and diet sodas, canned tuna, frozen pie, frozen pizza, ice cream, french fries, alcohol, and donuts. These are not good for your cognitive health, they will damage your brain's memory, focus and concentration power in the long run.

Food also affects you mentally by affecting your body chemistry. A healthy diet leads to a healthy lifestyle and also makes you feel energetic and active during the day, while an unhealthy diet leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, which leave you feeling lethargic during the day, and secondly not only your brain is less active but your body movements also become slow, which leads to lack of exercise, and that leads to being obesity. Therefore, one must always be conscious and opt for healthy nutritious food, which will benefit their body and mind in the long run.



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